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Form submission: Enlistment Application

Name: Jan bortkun

Date of Birth: 28101998

Timezone: UTC

Steam URL:

Can you speak fluent English?: Yes

How did you hear about us?: you were recomended to me by K.gibbs

Why do you want to join us?: I have played arma for a bit and want to try a new expierence.

Have you had any prior MilSim experience?: No

If yes, where and when?:

How long have you been playing ArmA?: 350 hours

Is there anything about you that you would like us to know?: most of the hours were spent on rp server so when it comes to shooting i may not be the best

What makes you a good fit for the unit?: i have practised alot on helis, with Kgibbs on some ocassions. Even though i think of me as decent he still thinks im not worth even looking at a aircraft

What role are you most skilled in?: i would say a pilot would be where im most skilled at

What is your preferred role?: same here i think i would like to have the opportunity to be a pilot so i can still be polishing my skills inbetween missions

Which of the following interest you the most?: Commando Helicopter Force


Thank you for your application.
You have been
To continue the joining process, please check your private messages to confirm your interview date at your earliest convenience!

Attended Interview - 05/12/2019
Assigned to 124 Troop
CTC Acknowledged and Attending the next P1

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