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Form submission: Enlistment Application

Name: Max Müller

Date of Birth: 18-12-1999

Timezone: Berlin

Steam URL:

Can you speak fluent English?: Yes

How did you hear about us?: Arma 3 units

Why do you want to join us?: I am searching for a squad to play Milsim

Have you had any prior MilSim experience?: No

If yes, where and when?:

How long have you been playing ArmA?: 181 hours

Is there anything about you that you would like us to know?: I wanna be honest as a non-native speaker my english is okay. I am way better in understanding english than speaking it.But I am working on it and try to improve it with watching english youtube videos or shows. You can cleary hear that I am a german.

What makes you a good fit for the unit?: I am a good teamplayer and can learn new things fast. I always try to be a little bit too perfect with small details but that makes me a good logistic and medic guy.

What role are you most skilled in?: Medic

What is your preferred role?: Medic and Logistic

Which of the following interest you the most?: Commando Logistic Regiment

Are you able to attend Fridays & Saturdays at 2000 Z (8pm GMT): Yes


Thank you for your application.
You have been
To continue the joining process, please check your private messages to confirm your interview date at your earliest convenience!

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