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Form submission: Enlistment Application

Name: Louis Schefczyk

Date of Birth: 22-09-1998

Timezone: GMT+1

Steam URL: 76561198048814243

Can you speak fluent English?: Yes

How did you hear about us?: Found your page on the Arma 3 Units Website.

Why do you want to join us?: I'm looking for a milsim clan to play with on Arma 3. I played with the Paramarine Task Force approximately two years back but had to take time off the game to focus a bit on private issues. Now I'm searching for a new Unit to belong to.

Have you had any prior MilSim experience?: Yes

If yes, where and when?: Paramarine Task Force, approx summer 2018.

How long have you been playing ArmA?: On and off for three years.

Is there anything about you that you would like us to know?: I'm a German Filipino who is currently studying Agricultural Sciences at the University of Bonn. During my High School days in the Philippines I played a lot of airsoft, although unfortunately I haven't found a feesible venue to do so here in Germany. I'm fascinated by all things military - and plan to apply for the German Armed Forces once I graduate from University. I also play Squad, Digital Combat Simulator, and have played Arma in the past.

Hobby wise, I like to play Guitar, and I ride Motorcycles to take my mind off the stresses of University.

What makes you a good fit for the unit?: As a working student, who is also a member of a Fraternity here in Germany I have a good sense of responsibility and understand how to work in a team. My experiences working in the kitchen have taught me discipline and how to maintain a cool head, whilst my experience being the secretary and now the vice president of my fraternity have given me some leadership and coordination skills. My deep interest in all things Military also in my opinion makes me a good fit for the Unit.

What role are you most skilled in?: Medic

What is your preferred role?: Medic

Which of the following interest you the most?: 29 Commando Artillery

Are you able to attend Fridays & Saturdays at 2000 Z (8pm GMT): Yes


Thank you for your application, can you please post the HTML link to your Steam profile and ensure it is set to Public as we review that as part of the pre-screening.

Thanks in advance.

Lt. B. Dunion
RMMU Recruiter

Review Date 26/02/20

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