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Form submission: Enlistment Application

Name: Matthew Kowalski

Date of Birth: 24-04-00

Timezone: GMT+1

Steam URL:

Can you speak fluent English?: Yes

How did you hear about us?: Clanlist,

Why do you want to join us?: Would like to try a British orientated unit. US based units grew stale for me.

Have you had any prior MilSim experience?: Yes

If yes, where and when?: 3RB
Task Force Spectre
Task Force Ranger

How long have you been playing ArmA?: A year or so, 600 hours total

Is there anything about you that you would like us to know?: Nothing that requires extra attention

What makes you a good fit for the unit?: Skilled in comms, dedicated to a unit if it fully embraces me. Deeply invested into assigned combat roles.

What role are you most skilled in?: Have over 200 hours doing TACP for 3RB, so communcations. Have some rotary flying experience as well.

What is your preferred role?: 45 Commando wise, pilot.

Which of the following interest you the most?: Commando Helicopter Force

Are you able to attend Fridays & Saturdays at 2000 Z (8pm GMT): Yes


That steam profile does not exist - if able please adjust your steam link so can approve your application

Link updated, apologies for misunderstanding

Thank you for your application.
You have been
To continue the joining process, please check your private messages to confirm your interview date at your earliest convenience!

Apllicant interviewd and passed for Phase One 14/12/19.
Personnel file created 15/12/19.

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